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In the News Index, Subject Headings have been assigned to each article and the content of the article has been abstracted by the Kennedy Room Staff. If you do not find the word or name you are searching for in the subject search, try the content search and/or search for synonyms. Sections such as national/international news, the editorial page (some letters to the editor are indexed), Classified Ads, and sports scores generally have not been indexed. The Index is a work in progress and currently covered years are 1915-1922, 1931-1937, 1950, and 1960-present. Additional years will become available as staff completes that indexing.

Once you have found the article citation in the index, you may come to the Kennedy Room and look up the article on our microfilm or complete the request process below.

Please contact the Local History Kennedy Room with questions at (864) 596-3508.

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