South Carolina Bridges by Evelyn Beck

January 17 - March 20, 2024Cyrill-Westside Library

Artist Statement

This exhibit features 10 pieces of fiber art, each one a depiction of a bridge in South Carolina.

The heart of this exhibit are the six pieces completed as part of an Emerging Artist Grant from the South Carolina Arts Commission. Four additional pieces were later added.

The goal is to depict our state’s history through these human-made structures. Each piece was created with a focus on context (from the grandeur of Poinsett Bridge, South Carolina’s oldest surviving bridge, to the significance of the Stono River Bridge, site of one of America’s first rebellions against slavery, for instance). Lingering unseen in each depiction are the unknown ghosts who linger, the people of every hue and walk of life whose sacrifices and contributions may or may not have been widely acknowledged. While viewers might not identify this context directly, my intent is that they feel it, that they look at these pieces and sense something more than meets the eye.

Each piece is a collage of fused and sewn fabric.

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