Journey to Becoming. An Exhibition by Destiny Oliphant.

May 31 - July 26, 2023Crutchfield Gallery

Artist Statement

This exhibition is full of work that is a reflection of the people and beauty that inspire me. The usage of flowers/plants in many of the pieces symbolizes honor, freedom, strength, and seasons changing. Everything and everyone is budding, sprouting, and growing, but eventually, it will all wither away… who are you and I becoming? On our journey of becoming, it is less about perfection and obtaining more. It is about how our lives intersect with others on their “becoming journey”. What will be said about us when we wither away? Who are we bringing along for our journey, and who are we loving and helping along the way?

All the artwork is either digital or acrylic paintings, with charcoal or graphite drawings, and the flowers are made from scrap paper and modeling paste. Many of the subjects in my work are women because I am one, and I have had the privilege of serving alongside and working with young ladies who are incredibly gifted and talented. Not because they are a woman or African American but because God has created them in His Image and on their journey of Becoming, that there is purpose and beauty in the way God made them. Many of the colors used in the paintings are bright because they are eye-catching, and it brightens the room! Thank you for being on my journey with me; you are appreciated more than you know! I hope my work inspires you to do what you love on your own journey of Becoming!

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Strength by Destiny Oliphant
Peace by Destiny Oliphant