Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Teen Tech Week 2010

Teen Tech Week is March 7th-13th this year, but we’re celebrating it for the entire month of March! Check out the Teen Events page for information about this month’s programs, and be sure to enter our special Teen Tech Week Pick Me Up contests!

TextBook: Check the teen blog and Facebook page every Monday and read the book description we’ve posted. Figure out the book’s title and text it to 864-381-SCPL (864-381-7275). The first person to send us the correct title will win that week’s book and a $15 iTunes gift card!

LOLcaptions: Each branch will have a funny picture posted in their teen area. Submit the best caption and win a flash drive and a prize book from our stash! 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

FREE SAT Practice Test!

Taking the SAT can be stressful, so you'll want to get as much practice as you can before the actual test. We're working with Sylvan Learning Center to provide a free SAT practice test on Saturday, February 20th from 1:30-5:30pm in the Hoechst Celanese Room! The test is four hours long, so come prepared to stay for the duration. All you need to bring are pencils and a four-function calculator; we will provide water and candy. If you want to take the test, please sign up in the teen room or email us at teens@infodepot.org. Good luck!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hunger Games News!!!

Today, Scholastic announced the title and release date of the third and final book of the totally amazing Hunger Games trilogy. The book will be called Mockingjay, and it will be released on August 24th! The publishers are totally hush-hush about any plot details, but we've been dying to read this book since the cliffhanger ending of Catching Fire. If you haven't started the Hunger Games trilogy, you've still got time! Check out The Hunger Games and Catching Fire from any SCPL location.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Tara's Book Review: Re-Cycler by Lauren McLaughlin

This series has such a crazy premise that I thought I wouldn’t be able to get into it, but Lauren McLaughlin has created a really interesting group of characters, and I couldn’t put it down. Re-Cycler is the second book in a series about Jill, a girl who turns into a boy named Jack for 4 days each month. After Jill's secret is exposed at her senior prom, she decides that it’s time to get out of town. The choice isn’t easy, though—should she move to New York City with Ramie, her best friend (and Jack’s girlfriend) or embark upon a cross-country road trip with her boyfriend Tommy? Once she makes her choice, it’s a time for new experiences—both for Jill and for Jack. Jack is finally able to go out into the world, so he tries to make friends and soak in all the things he missed when he was locked up back at home, and Jill deals with her own emotions as she meets new people and gets her heart broken. Will Jack and Jill ever learn how to coexist? Will the big city prove too much for them to handle? Read to find out!