Saturday, March 07, 2009

Teen Tech Week Is Here!

So, technically (haha) Teen Tech Week is March 8th-14th this year, but we love technology SO MUCH that we’re celebrating it all month! There are lots of fun things going on—programs, contests, and lots of chances to win prizes! Check out some of the things we’ve got going on in March:
· Take the TTW quiz (it’s easy, promise) available at any branch to receive a piece of candy and enter into a drawing to win a flash drive.
· Know anything about binary? Pick up a binary decoder bookmark, crack the code, and turn it in at any branch to get more candy and possibly win a flash drive.
· Are you a Smartie or a Dum-Dum? Visit your local branch’s teen area and count the candy in the jar—if you’ve got the closest answer, you’ll win it all!
· Come to one of our special programs to celebrate Teen Tech Week. All teen events are listed on the calendar of events.
You can also do other things to celebrate Teen Tech Week on your own. Need ideas? Try these:
· Check out some DVDs or CDs from any SCPL locations.
· Download an eBook or audiobook—if you go to, you can download them for free with your library card!
· If you aren’t already MySpace friends with the library, you should be! Visit us at
· Did you know that a lot of authors also have MySpace and Facebook profiles? Find your favorites and add them too.
· Try out a book review website like LibraryThingor Goodreads. You can list the books you’ve read and/or own, add your friends, and get suggestions for new stuff to read!
· Are you an expert on Alexander Hamilton? Velociraptors? InuYasha? Anything else? Add something to Wikipedia to share your knowledge with others.
· Start a (online website bookmarking), Twitter(microblogging) or Flickr(photo sharing) account and find a new way to connect with your friends online.


So much has been happening lately that I am just now finding time to post! Today is jamboread!, the library's annual family reading festival. I am writing from the teen room before things get too crazy. In the background teens are playing Rock Band 2, decorating eco bags and iron-ons, making journals and creating jewelry from hardware. Teens were here earlier than usual this year and the room is pretty crowded for 10:30am. We'll continue the activities until 3pm when we'll rearrange the room for a concert by local band Sing Sing '76. If you're in the area, stop by and check it out!