Friday, December 21, 2007

J.A.M.S.: Japanese Anime and Manga Society

Today was our monthly J.A.M.S. meeting where for the first time in recent memory, we watched 4 episodes of the same show (Bleach) and actually finished a DVD. Pretty exciting. :-) Next month we'll meet on Wednesday, January 16th @ 4:30pm in the Barrett Room. Not sure what we're going to watch yet, so if you have a suggestion, feel free to leave it. Happy Holidays everyone-- see you in 2008!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

My 2007 Faves

First, a confession. I begin reading LOTS of books. I also quit reading LOTS of books. I maybe finish 1 out of every 5 I start, so it would be fair to say that I am a pretty picky reader. I used to feel obligated to finish reading a book, but that was several years ago and I am very over that. So, here are 7 teen books* that I not only finished reading this year, but thoroughly enjoyed and/or loved.




*The God of Animals is not technically a teen book, but the main character is a teenage girl and nothing happens that would make it have to be an adult novel, so I'm not sure why it was published for adults. I actually heard about the book from John Green's (author of An Abundance of Katherines) brother Hank on their Brotherhood 2.0 blog. Hank was the author's neighbor. Small world.  

I have a lot of reading planned over Christmas break, so it is possible I will have some late 2007 additions. If so, I will post them here. Have great holidays and happy reading!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Harry Potter & Dairy Queen

Last Friday we showed the 5th installment of the Harry Potter story, The Order of the Phoenix and at Monday's Read & Feed we discussed Dairy Queen, one of my favorite books of 2006, by Catherine Gilbert Murdock. The author, as it turns out, is sister to Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat Pray Love, which I happen to currently be reading. Who knew?

Next month we're showing Stardust and discussing Enthusiasm by Polly Shulman (not on the same day though-- check the schedule of events for times!).

Thursday, December 13, 2007

TAG & Twilight (the movie)

We had a great TAG meeting last Friday at which much was discussed and...I forgot to take pictures, so I am just now posting about it. We made some decisions regarding teen jamboread! activities and contests that you will hear more about in the next couple of months. Here's a hint- brush up on your anagramming skills!

Now for some Twilight movie news-- Edward has been cast! Visit Stephenie's official website for a photo, the press release and how she feels about the casting. As for me, I'm thrilled with their choice and I can't wait for the movie!

Soon I will post a list of my favorite reads of 2007, but because I have a problem with a post with no pictures, I'm going to give you a sneak peak-

If you like good books and you like to cry, this is the book for you!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Teen Winter Reading

We're having our first ever Teen Winter Reading program this year. It's really easy -- you just read books, review them and you're entered to win prizes! Prizes include great teen books, coffee mugs and bookbags. The fun ends February 29, 2008, so curl up with a good book and then tell us about it!


Hairspray and Dungeons & Dragons

Friday we showed Hairspray on the big screen and Saturday we had an all day Dungeons & Dragons event led by a couple of awesome D&D experts who go to Wofford. Here are some pictures of the fun!

Next month is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on Friday, December 14th @ 4:30pm in the Barrett Room!