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Support Your Libraries

Monetary Gifts

Gifts to the Friends of the Spartanburg County Public Libraries are tax deductible.
Donations are also accepted through the Spartanburg County Foundation.
For more information, please contact the Libraries Administrative Offices at 864-596-3507.

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Books & Materials

Consider donating usable books, dvds and other materials to Libraries.
Donations are accepted at any library location.
At Headquarters, bring usable books to the service drive behind Library, Monday through Friday between 9:00 A.M. - 4 P.M. You will find a doorbell immediately before the garage doors. A staff member will assist you and provide a tax form if requested.

Types of items we CAN use: Types of items we CAN'T use:
Books in usable condition Out-of-date medical books
Cassette tapes, CDs, albums Books missing covers, pages or in poor condition
Books on tape Encyclopedias, dictionaries dilapidated or musty
Videos and DVDs  
Specialty magazines  

When the Library accepts gifts of books and materials, it is with the understanding that they become the property of the Library and will be evaluated against the same criteria as purchased materials.
Materials which are useful to library collections will be retained, and other items will be disposed of in whatever manner the Libraries deem best—by discarding or selling them or giving to other libraries or institutions.

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You may choose to give a monetary gift in memory of a loved one.
In order to have a gift plate placed on an item, the monetary donation must be a minimum of $15.
You may specify the subject matter and/or reading level (if a book) you would like to have purchased. Suggestions for a particular title are welcome but the Library may not be able to meet the request because of selection criteria, out of print issues, need for another copy, etc.
The Library necessarily reserves the right to interfile gifts with other collections on the same subject, so that all collections are organized and classified according to library standards for the best public service. Individual volumes may be marked with bookplates identifying the donor.

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