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  • Your Library card provides SCPL Library Card

    • access to check out print and audiovisual materials
    • access to online databases subscribed to by SCPL and the SC State Library
    • access to public computers for Internet searching and Microsoft Office tasks
    • access to downloadable materials and streaming services (some restrictions apply)
    • the ability to request materials from your home computer or mobile device
    • the ability to request meeting rooms (some restrictions apply)
    • access to Interlibrary Loan Services (some restrictions apply)
  • Library card requirements

    • All applicants must provide current proof of identity and residency. Registrations for children under age 17 must be completed by the parent or legal guardian. The person signing and any additional cards they have signed for must be in good standing before any new cards will be issued.

      Library cards expire every two years. All fees and fines on the card must be paid in full in order to renew library privileges.

      What you need to bring

        Acceptable forms of identification:

        1)   Current government issued ID with current address. May include one of the following:

          SC driver’s license
          SC identification card
          Country Card
          (Expired identification cards may not be used)

        2)   Picture identification with a non-current address. Applicants will need to provide proof of residency with one of the following documents:

          Tax notice
          Utility bill
          Rental agreement
          Printed checks with local address
          (Documents must include applicant’s name, current address and current/recent date)

      Types of library cards

        Spartanburg County Residents: Spartanburg County Public Libraries issues free cards to Spartanburg county residents. To be considered a permanent resident, you must live in Spartanburg County at least six months of the year. A free library card is also available to anyone who lives in another county but owns property in Spartanburg County. Applicant must provide Spartanburg County tax receipt, proof of identity, and proof of current address. These accounts expire each year but may be renewed with proof of current tax receipt.

        Greenville Residents: Spartanburg County has a reciprocal agreement with Greenville County which allows Greenville County residents to receive a FREE library card. The applicant’s Greenville County library card must be in good standing. Greenville patrons are not permitted access to downloadable materials or streaming services.

        Non-residents: Non-resident cards are issued for a fee of $35 per year. This entitles two family members a non-restricted card for a period of one year. If more than two family members get a card, the charge for the additional cards is $10 per year. Applicants must show picture ID with their correct address. Non-resident cards receive full privileges including access to downloadable materials and streaming services.
        *Greenville County residents may opt for a Non-resident card, with payment of $35 per year, in order to access electronic materials and streaming services.

      Restricted Use Library Cards

        Non-resident Juveniles (restricted): Any child, from birth to age 16 years old who is not a resident of Spartanburg County, but resides in a neighboring county, may receive a free, restricted-use library card from Spartanburg County Public Libraries provided a parent or legal guardian signs the application, agreeing to be responsible for lost, damaged, and overdue materials. This card may be used for borrowing print materials related to school assignments, as well as age appropriate materials for recreational reading. Check out limit is 25 items. The restricted-use library card may not be used for borrowing audio visual or other materials unless a note from the teacher substantiates that the material is for a bona fide school assignment.

        College Students: College students who may reside in another county but attend one of the colleges or universities in Spartanburg are eligible for a restricted use College card. Picture ID, proof of address and proof of current enrollment is required. These cards are limited to 10 total items at any one time, including 1 movie, 1 music CD and 1 audiobook. Card holders may access downloadable books and other digital resources, but are not allowed to borrow through our ILL service. All College cards expire on August 1 of each year. Students can renew their privilege by showing proof of enrollment for the upcoming school year.

        Courtesy: A Courtesy Card may be provided to patrons who live in Spartanburg County but cannot prove their residency, reside in temporary housing or their picture ID does not list their current address. Patrons must verbally provide a Spartanburg County address. Checkouts are limited to 2 print materials with full access to electronic materials and streaming services. Internet access on SCPL computers is permitted. Courtesy Cards expire every 3 months. All charges must be paid to renew. If the patron obtains permanent local residency, they may request a full privilege card at no cost. Registrations for children under age 17 must be completed by a parent, legal guardian, or an adult responsible for the child. If the adult has already signed for another library card (either their own card or another child's card) then the card(s) must be in good standing (not blocked). The adult must be present, show a valid ID and provide a local Spartanburg address. If the child is not present, the adult must have the child's birth certificate or social security card. The signing adult agrees to assume responsibility for both the content and condition of items borrowed by the juvenile. Overdue, lost and damaged item policies apply.

        Teen: A Teen Card may be provided to teens ages 13-16 with picture ID and proof of address, without parental consent. A Spartanburg County address must be provided.

        • If only a picture ID (school ID) is presented without proof of address, the library will send them a postcard. They must complete the address on the post card and return to staff for mailing. If they return with the mailed postcard and their picture ID, we can issue a Teen Card.
          • Postcard states:     Name of teen here   lives at the address on this postcard and can apply for a Spartanburg County Public Library teen card at any of our 10 locations with this postcard and a photo ID. (Address on back)

        • Checkouts are limited to 2 print items with access to electronic materials. No AV items or ILL. Internet access on SCPL computers is allowed.
        • No overdue fines will accrue, but overdue notices will be sent. Patron will not be sent to collections over lost or damaged items, but is still responsible for any lost items and damage charges. A delinquent teen card will prohibit a 17 year old from receiving a full-privilege card.
        • Teens cannot have a teen card and a regular library card.
        • Teen cards should be set to expire when the patron turns 17. Address check date should be set for every two years. All charges must be paid at this time.

        • When a teen registers for a teen card, the library will send a parental notification (postcard) by mail that states:

          • Congratulations! Your teen registered for a teen card at the Spartanburg County Public Libraries. A teen card allows 2 print items to be checked out, access to all electronic materials and use of library computers. If you’d like to upgrade your teen to a full-privilege card so they can check out 25 items, including DVDs, video games, CDs, etc., please visit any SCPL location with them! To receive a free full-privilege, Spartanburg resident card, you must show picture ID and proof of current residence. To be considered a permanent resident, you must live in Spartanburg County at least 6 months of the year.

          Parents may accompany the teen at a later date to sign for a full privilege card. At this time, the teen may choose to keep their current “grey” card or have their card replaced with the key chain combo white card at no cost.

      Lost or Stolen Cards

        Patrons should notify the library immediately about any lost or stolen cards. The library will place a block on the card effective the day it is reported. Any items checked out before that date remains the responsibility of the patron.

      Replacement Cards

        Library cards may be replaced for a fee of $1.25. You must show proper identification to replace a card. The library does not provide library card numbers, only the option to purchase a replacement card. Current library cards are deleted once replaced and may not be added back to the system.
  • User PIN information

    • Every library patron must choose a PIN (Personal Identification Number) assigned to their account at registration. All PINs must be four digits. This PIN, together with your library card barcode number, is used to access library card accounts online or through our automated account information line at 864-596-3515. PINs are required to login to the public use computers in the library and to use our self-check machines.

      Patrons are encouraged to reset or change their PIN when updating accounts every two years. If you don’t know your PIN, call or stop by any library location. You will need to present your library card or provide the library card number. For your safety, you may be asked to show picture ID or confirm personal details on your account.
  • Material Loan Periods and Limits

    • Each user may have no more than 25 physical items checked out at any time. This limit does not include Overdrive, Freegal, Zinio or Hoopla materials limits. Please refer to these services directly for loan periods and material limits.
      Material Type Loan period
      (in days)
      Limit per card
      Most books 28 up to 25
      Bestsellers 14 up to 25
      Magazines 14 10
      Recorded Books
      (CD, MP3, Playaways)
      28 6 total combination
      (CD, MP3, Playaways)
      Music CDs 14 10
      DVD/Blu-ray 7 6 total (limit 3 Blu-ray fiction discs & 1 Blu-ray nonfiction disc per card)
      Video Games 7 1
      Kits 28 3
      Government Documents 28 up to 25
      Interlibrary Loan Indicated on sleeve 4
  • Requesting Materials

    • Items that are checked out or located at another branch may be requested and sent to any branch in Spartanburg County for you. Requests may be made online, by telephone, through our mobile app or at any service desk. Patrons will be notified by phone, email or text message when their request is available to pick up. It’s important to have all contact information and notification options updated if any information changes. All notifications are sent via our automated service. Once the notification is sent, patrons have 5 days to pick up their request.

      Request Items From Home

        Each library card account has a library card number and a PIN (personal identification number) to allow online access. With this access patrons may search the PAC, check their account, place hold requests, access research databases and use our downloadable and streaming services. If you do not know your PIN we can give it to you using your library card number either in person or by telephone. You must have your library card number available to receive the PIN number. For your safety, you may be asked to show picture ID or confirm personal details on your account.

      Request Items from other Library Systems

        Interlibrary Loan is the process used to obtain materials or photocopies from other libraries when the materials are not available in the Spartanburg County Public Libraries system. We do not accept ILL requests for items held by the Spartanburg County Library unless those items have been lost, withdrawn or will not be available for a long period of time due to being sent out for repair. This includes non-circulating reference and genealogical materials held by Spartanburg County Library system. All local and online sources should be checked before requesting Interlibrary Loan.

        • Any patron with a Spartanburg County Library card is eligible to request ILL materials with the exception of Juvenile Restricted, Courtesy, Teen and College Cards. The library card account must be in good standing when making an ILL request and the information on the account needs to be correct. The patron’s library card or picture ID must be present at check out when ILL materials are picked up. The library card number must be the same number under which the request was placed.
        • Patrons may have up to four active ILL requests at any time. Requests may be placed online, by telephone or at any library branch. We will attempt to borrow any items with the following exceptions: new items published within the past 6 months and entire copies of magazines or periodicals.
        • Most materials are obtained for free but some libraries will charge a fee for loans and copies. Patrons will be asked what amount they are willing to pay when placing their request. If the lending library does charge a fee, the patron’s account will be charged and the fee must be paid before further use of the library card. This applies even if the patron does not pick up the item once we’ve received it.
        • We do not know the exact day that items will arrive. It may take 1-6 weeks depending on the availability and location of the item. We also do not know what the checkout time will be until the item arrives. Lending libraries set the due date and loan periods will vary from SCPL loan periods and limits.
        • We will request a renewal from the lending library, but ask that all requests for renewals are received at least one week before the due date. Patrons will be notified if the renewal is granted. Some items will be marked for in-house-use only by the lending library and may not be checked out under any circumstances.
        • Spartanburg County Libraries’ fine policy applies to ILL materials also. Fees for lost or damaged items will be assessed by the lending library. Spartanburg County Libraries cannot estimate these charges or make any refunds on ILL fees.


        All personal information is used only by the library. We do not give out any information to outside agencies. Only the patron or responsible adult in the case of a minor is allowed access to the library card account. This information includes what is checked out, on hold, or the account’s PIN.

        Detailed information regarding privacy is outlined in our Privacy Statement and our Confidentiality of Library Records Policy.

  • Renewing Materials

    • Items may be renewed for two additional loan periods. If the item has holds on it, it may not be renewed. The renewal may be requested in person, online, or by telephone. In order to avoid late charges, the renewal must be requested by the due date. Renewal requests for ILL materials must be made directly through the ILL department by calling 864-285-9037. All ILL renewal requests must be made one week from the item’s due date.

      Materials may be renewed by logging in to My Account

  • Returning Materials

    • Where to Return

        Items may be returned to any branch location in Spartanburg County. All branches have both an inside and outside drop box for returning items. The outside drop at Headquarters is a drive-thru located in the service driveway on the lower level. The service driveway is located off of Kennedy Street. The Cyrill-Westside Library also has a drive-thru window for returning items and picking up previously requested materials.

      Damaged Items

        Damaged items may be assessed for partial or total damage. Partial damage indicates that the item can still be used. Totally damaged items are no longer able to circulate. Items returned with damages will be billed to the users account based on the extent of the damage. Users will be notified of the damage and items will be held for 5 weeks for the user to view the damage.
  • Fines and Fees

    • Overdue fees are as follows:
      Item Type Charge per Day Grace
      Maximum Charge
      per Item
      DVDs, Blu-Ray, Video Games $1.00 2 days $5.00
      All other Items 15 2 Days $5.00
      All items have a two day grace period before fines are assessed. Items must be returned during the grace period to avoid fines. On the third day, the user will be charged for all three days. The account balance must be at $10 or less in order to check out. Users will be notified of overdue items by their preference for phone, email, or text.
  • Change of Name, Address or Telephone

    • All patrons should notify the library if name, address or telephone number changes. Patrons may contact any library location to make these changes. Please note that name changes must be reflected on the patron’s picture ID or provided with documentation before changes will be made to library accounts.