Spartanburg County Death and Obituary Indexes available online:

Title of Newspaper or Source
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Years available online

Spartanburg Herald and Herald Journal Death Index 1930-1935, 1939 and
1940-June 2007
Spartanburg Herald/Spartanburg Journal Death Index 1902-1909
Spartanburg Herald/Spartanburg Journal Death Index 1910-1914
Carolina Spartan/Spartanburg Herald Death Index roughly 1849-1893
Register of Deaths of Spartanburg, South Carolina Oct 1, 1895, stops in 1896, starts again with 1903-1914

These obituary and death indexes contain information on where to locate obituaries that appeared in the Carolina Spartan, Spartanburg Herald, Spartanburg Journal or Spartanburg Herald-Journal newspapers. Only obituaries with obvious local connections were indexed.
The alphabetical listings for each year include the person's name as listed in the obituary, age, place of death or residence, spousal information, and date and page on which the obituary appeared.

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