Please print and mail this form to INFORMation Spartanburg, Spartanburg County Public Libraries, 151 South Church Street, Spartanburg, SC 29306

Club Directory Order Form

Directory of Clubs, Organizations, and Services Serving Spartanburg County. 32nd Edition. Compiled by the Spartanburg County Public Libraries. April 2011. 139 pages. Extensively indexed by organization name and subject category.

Price: $7.50 (includes shipping)

To order a copy of Spartanburg County's 2011 Directory of Clubs, Organizations, and Services, send the following form and a check for $7.50 (made out to Spartanburg County Public Libraries) to:

INFORMation Spartanburg
Spartanburg County Public Libraries
151 South Church Street
Spartanburg, SC  29306

OR, pick up a copy for $4.50 at the Headquarters Library or any of our branch locations!


Please send______copy(ies) of the Directory of Clubs, Organizations, and Services Serving Spartanburg County to the following address. Find enclosed my check for $_____________.($7.50 x the number of Directories).


Organization: _______________________________________________________________________

Street or PO Box #:__________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip:______________________________________________________________________



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