Felt Expressions. An Exhibition by Cecilia Ho. July 8 - September 9. Crutchfield Gallery.

"Felt It. Love it. Treasure It." Memories are created through the process of felting. Every time you touch it, feel it & look more into it, you will discover more magical moments!

Felting allows me to manipulate one of the oldest textile techniques; to incorporate contemporary felting applications; and to create decorative yet functional wool felt creations. Felting allows me to feel the softness of wool from sheep/goats & sometimes plant fibers. We see & touch & sometimes even smell my wool felt collection, we look beyond the objects and explore the Science of Wool and embrace its sustainable beauty. With natural fibers, felt can be handcrafted in all kinds of formations, shapes, textures & colors. While my designs are surrounded by all natural & organic things, there are endless possibilities through felting!

In the "FELT Expressions" exhibition, I hope you will feel Nature's many expressions. Like a geode, it is a blessing in disguise. Geode comes from the Greek word "γεώδης" (geóides) meaning "earth-like". From the outside, geodes resemble common rocks, but when they are broken open, they reveal a hollow cavity lined with a layer of agate and often filled with crystals. It's a mysterious gift from Mother Nature which symbolizes inner beauty.

Natural felting also depends on environmental conditions (moisture, temperature, pH). Wool fibers with natural scales can become felt and create organic patterns. Wet felting techniques mat and agitate merino sheep wool / mulberry silk blend, to create roving with tencel—cellulosic fibers obtained from wood pulp. Combining wool and silk chiffon fabric with modern Nuno Felting technique, the sheer see-through panel becomes an alternative to opaque solid wool felt. Felting can express our imagination through experiments. Wool felt collection is one way for me to show my gratitude to Mother Nature!

Cecilia Ho of Greenville, SC, was born into a family of designers in Hong Kong. She is a self-taught fiber artist who has been experimenting & creating all kinds of wool felt creations since 2010. After her relocation to the Upstate SC, Cecilia has been teaching felting workshops monthly to all age group in Spartanburg Art Museum & Greenville Center for Creative Arts since 2015. She is also active running demonstration at public festivals across USA. Currently, Cecilia is a SC Arts Commission Certified Teaching Artist running fiber arts integration (STEAM) units at multiple local, regional and national organizations & schools. FELTasticFashion is the business created to offer felting supplies, hands-on learning DIY kits, private workshop & team building event, as well as customized wool felt commissions. Inquiry FELTasticFashionUS@gmail.com • Visit www.FELTasticFashion.com